Deep Facial Therapy

Prep your cells to heal your skin! Simulating inner muscle to accelerate skin metabolism and shape up to firm skin using just Botanical powder and our professional hands massage!


Regain young youthful skin. Reduces mature skin problems such as sagging skin, wrinkles, open pores, pimple, dermatitis, dull and pigmented skin.

Standard Course & Effects:

Day 1-2: Firm and elastic young looking skin with healthy glow due to activated inner muscles.
Day 3-4: Remove layers of dead skin, revealing even brighter, glowing skin.
Day 5-6: Go back for after treatment and you're done!
Types of Deep Cleans Facial

Deep Therapy

Experience the best effect of Deep Therapy. Includes after treatment (5-6 days after).
Customers are not allowed to cleanse their face before after treatment for optimal results.

*We will advice with guidance on self-care products to use instead.
Price: $655

Deep Therapy Pure

Suitable for those with sensitive skin, or those who have discomfort with bare skin for 5 days.
Pure Therapy allows the wear of light makeup after 1 day where only slight peeling occurs.
Price: $245

Cupping Therapy

Wear makeup immediately! Minimum peeling (subjected to individuals).
Condensed amino acids and vitamins will continue to introduce while fused with herbal powder. Enjoy the convenience in one session!
Price: $377
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