Royal Herb Detox Wrap


Why Royal Herb Detox Wrap?

No Rebound
Even when you slim down, your weight will not fall dramatically! Thus reducing any worries about weight rebound. Therefore benefits people with accumulation of fat (cellulite) that is typically difficult to eliminate.
Royal Herb Detox Wrap pushes toxins out of the body, expelled through urine, promoting natural slimming. Herbs continue to penetrate the skin for 3 days after treatment, flushing out toxins and excess fats accumulation through urination.
Herbs that have strong calming, beautifying and whitening effects are blended together, offering a treatment perfect for anyone with concerns about blemishes or sensitive skin. Detox and beautifying effects in Royal Herb Detox Wrap!

Herbs composition

We have fifteen varieties of naturally grown organic herbs, including; Javanese ginger which provides the skin firmness and stimulates the muscle, Lemongrass help reduces swelling, including joint swelling. White turmeric removes active oxygen, controls inflammation. Malm (Moringa) reduces swelling, is an anti-oxidant. Makhom pom which provides skin rejuvenation, plus minerals derived from kelp.


What's the procedure?



Sessions Price
Half Body (exc Face) $366
Full Body (exc Face) $440
Full Body (inc Face) $500
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