Shinso facial Treatment 100min for Super Anti-aging

Made from Japan’s deep ocean water, a high concentration of Nobel Prize winning fullerene and EGF treatment where you can fully enjoy SHINSO. The power has been recognized in Hollywood, and cosmetic surgery doctors have praised it. We will deliver a luxurious 100 minutes like you’ve never experienced.

1. Welcome touch with Rose Quartz Therapy

2. Cleansing

Shins Super Anti-aging Facial Treatment

3. Washing

    Shins Super Anti-aging Facial Treatment

    4. Apply shinso glow, Mist and Essence 

    5. Contouring Remedy 

    Shins Super Anti-aging Facial Treatment

    6. High tension mask with Re-fa beauty roller

    7. Head treatment

     Sessions Prices
    1 Session ( mins) $380
    6 Sessions $1,800
    12 Sessions $3,000
    Please contact us and we will connect you to our professional therapist for  consultation,
    Tel : (+65) 6329 - 1166
    SMS or Whatsapp : (+65) 9858 - 6458