Lymphatic Facial


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle and relaxing facial treatment. A Hand stimulated drainage technique from shoulder to face. It improve circulation, reduce puffiness and toning up the skin.

What are the benefits of Lymphatic facial?

  1. Tones up the skin
  2. Improve of blood circulation
  3. Gets rid of face fatigue
How it works?
1. &Ratia Cleansing and Washing, this effective pore cleaning technique carefully removes dirt that cannot be removed by ordinary care.
Facial Cleansing
2. Hot Towel Steamer, by using a hot towel, the warm steam loosens the pores, making it easier to remove the keratin plugs that stain the pores. 
3. Lymphatic Facial, by apply product & perform lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic flow is improved, waste products are discharged, the absorption rate of the product into the skin is increased, and the skin tone is leveled. 
4. Head Rejuvenation, by adjusting the autonomic nerves and loosening the scalp, blood flow in the head will improve!
 Sessions Price
1 Session (60mins) $98
6 Sessions $468
12 Sessions $816
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